A key prerequisite for the compatibility of the spectacles is the precise centring of the lens before the grinding operation. The exact form of the spectacle frame is registered with the Tracer and is routed as data via an interface to a centring system. The centring system, WECO CAD or WECO Verifier Pro, serves to position a block on the lens surface so that the form matched the raw glass completely and ensures that all the centring requirements are complied with.

From the centring system the form and centring data are transmitted to the machine. The Edge 450 disposes of a data memory in which you can save your standard moulds. The form of the lens to be manufactured is displayed on the colour display.

All further settings are made via the clear keyboard which is positioned ergonomically at the display.


Key parameters and technical specifications:

Grinding with optimum results

  • High productivity
  • For processing all lens materials
  • For all optical values
  • Polishing
  • Chamfering the ground spectacle lenses (option)


Turbo grooves

  • In all synthetic materials
  • Adjustable groove width and groove depth
  • Tool easy to replace
  • Precise results also in the case of angular forms


Automatic drilling

  • In all synthetic materials
  • Clearance holds and blind holes
  • High precision in measuring the drilling data
  • Identical drilling data for right-hand and left-hand lens
  • Up to 4 bores or oblong holes per lens
  • Saving the drilling information
  • Simple tool change


Excellent accuracy of fit

  • With regard to facette course, facette surface and axial position
  • Computer-controlled facette taking the sphere, cylinder, prism and decentration into account


Automatic process monitoring

  • High ”first time fit” rate
  • Reduced risk of glass breakage
  • Automatic harmonisation of sizes of the scanned mould with the ground lens
  • Safety grinding mode for highly hardened lenses


Simple operation

  • Convenient and ergonomic user prompting
  • Clear 1:1 presentation on the colour monitor
  • Permanent process display on the colour monitor
  • Graphic presentation of the facette position
  • Internal data memory for up to 200 lens forms
  • Barcode input (option)


Equipping with diamond disc on request

  • Pure synthetic material processing, incl. polycarbonate
  • Silicate and synthetic material processing, incl. polycarbonate


Compatible in the WECO system

  • Standard interface to peripheral system units; CL (Current Loop), RS 232, OMA
  • Operation as single device or in the system
  • Multitasking, parallel operation at all system components