WECO edge 430 – the All-round Talent.

With the WECO Edge 430 WECO engineers have developed a robust machine for ophthalmic opticians who attach great importance to quality, user-friendliness and reliability.

The WECO Edge 430 processes all kinds of lens material in any glass thickness to a fully processed spectacle lens with high quality finish. The operating sequence in your workshop is simplified with an internal mould memory in which the spectacle lens moulds for various frames can be deposited. This enables a quick and efficient operational process.

Depending on your specific requirements the WECO Edge 430 can be furnished with a test foil cutter allowing you to produce precise test foils at high speed. In addition to the WECO Edge 450, WECO Edge 430 is the only automatic CNC machine worldwide which offers this function.

In combination with WECO peripheral equipment WECO Edge 430 creates a variable system for the sophisticated ophthalmic optician.


Key parameters and technical specifications:

Grinding with optimum results

  • For processing all lens materials
  • For all optical values
  • Polishing
  • Chamfering the ground spectacle lenses (option)


Excellent fit

  • With regard to the facette course, facette surface and shaft position
  • Computer-monitored facette taking sphere, cylinder, prism and decentring into account


Simple operation

  • Convenient and ergonomic user guidance
  • Clear 1:1 presentation on the colour monitor
  • Permanent procedural presentation on the colour monitor
  • Graphic presentation of the facette position
  • Internal data memory for up to 200 glass forms
  • Barcode input (option)


Equipment with diamond disc according to requirements

  • Pure synthetic material processing, including polycarbonate
  • Silicate mineral and synthetic material processing, incl. polycarbonate


Compatible in the WECO System

  • Standard interface to peripheral system units; CL (Current Loop), RS 232, OMA
  • Operation as single machine or in the system
  • Multitasking, parallel operation on all system components