The WECO’s conventional EdgeCenter is convincing thanks to its attractive and pleasing functionality. As an all-in-one unit the EdgeCenter meets all requirements; tracing, centering, blocking and edging. All necessary functions are available in the smallest possible compact size.

The Edge 310 is provided with a clear and distinct monitor and an ergonomic keypad for simple and effortless operation. Each working step is indicated by specific icons to enable the operator and the user to monitor each stage of the process.

  • all-in-one EdgeCenter
  • built-in Tracer
  • built-in MiniCad centering device
  • built-in Edger


Tracing – built-in Tracer

A single key starts the measurement of the frame once it has been inserted, and the clamping is performed semi-automatically. 5-D measurement takes place, including thickness of the frame as well as the bevel apex position.

  • Semi-automatic frame clamping
  • Graphic display of 5-D tracing data, form and lens curve
  • Display of frame measurement values


Centering – built-in MiniCad

The lens is quickly aligned to the patient’s data using screen symbols. At just a glance the operator see whether the lens will fit the shape, using a 1:1 scaled image.

  • Easy and fast decentration
  • Precise manual blocking


Edging – built-in Edger

Once the material and edging mode for the lens has been selected, the Edge 310 takes over and completes the work process. The Edge 310 has four grinding wheels to permit a wide range of edging possibilities for the workshop. It is of course suitable to all lens materials, including Trivex.

  • Suitable for all kind of lens materials, including Trivex
  • Four grinding wheels
  • Fully automatic edging


The profitability is your benefit

  • Ideally suited for the small to medium optical workshop
  • Short cycle times in the smallest possible space
  • Increase of efficiency due to less breakage
  • Fewer manual operations in the process due to logical user’s guidance