The VX 55 by Visionix was designed to offer advanced technology and increase efficiency without having to change the way you work.  Featuring the familiar and comfortable manual phoropter interface on the tablet, the VX 55 moves, acts, and sounds just like your standard manual refractor.

Product Description

The VX 55 features a sound ergonomic design, efficient refraction management, intuitive software and functions, control of the charts display from your tablet, and the ability to connect with a variety of devices and EMR.  VX 55 was designed specifically to advance the technology and efficiency in your practice without having to re-learn refraction on a different device typical of modern automatic phoropters.


Key points

  • The tablet which controls the entire refraction process including the charts display and optotypes allows for freedom of movement and eliminates the shoulder and neck pain commonly associated with standard refraction methods.
  • Easy to use manual phoropter design on your tablet with a guided interactive tutorial
  • Features unique “add assist” while testing near vision
  • Built in white LED lighting offers clear and safe illumination at the touch of a button
  • Features ability to connect with other devices and EMR via our patented VX box technology