Verifier Pro – A technological innovation.

Perfection in manufacturing spectacles depends primarily on the quality of centring the lenses. Every ophthalmic optician knows how important and simultaneously how time-consuming optimum centring can be and that small mistakes can unintentionally creep in especially in this job step, generating enormous follow-up costs in particular in processing modern progressive lenses with small channels.

The idea to create a product which aims at providing an optimum solution to this problem originated from this knowledge giving birth to the revolutionary centring system which was implemented in a product, the Verifier Pro. WECO created this highly progressive product for the ophthalmic optician’s workshop based on the experience it has gathered over many decades.

The Verifier Pro is a high-tech product solution integrating the centring device and the function of a lensmeter. In the operating sequence it is no longer necessary to mark spectacle lenses on the lensmeter, as the task of measuring, centring and blocking spectacle lenses is performed in an automated operating sequence.

With a high degree of reliability the Verifier Pro takes over the task of automatically controlling the operating sequence. The result is higher profitability with fewer operational steps, shorter processing times, less rejects and higher precision.


Key parameters and technical specifications.

Your benefit by progress

  • Operation is easy to learn
  • The procedure is automatically controlled
  • The spectacle lenses are verified according to tolerance tables


Your benefit from profitability

  • Fewer operating steps
  • Shorter processing periods
  • Less rejects
  • Higher precision
  • High reliability