Much more than just a blocker

The optical workshop of today demands a fast, reliable, precise centering system and the Weco Cad 4 is a worthy successor to the popular and well known Weco Cad III. The new Weco Cad 4 offers all the speed and ease of use that Cad 3 customers have long appreciated with the advantage of new features made available by the use of new technology

The Weco Cad 4 – the new standard for decentration

The Weco Cad 4 is a semi-automatic device easily operated with excellent results. A large high-resolution colour screen offers a well organized desktop with quick indentification of important areas of the spectacle lens. The well known Optical Trace function of the Cad 5 is included, extending the machines capabilities. A single button push allows a pattern or demo-lens to be digitized automatically, including its drill-holes. The new blue-light offers improved detection at a higher speed.

Optical Trace – tracing can be so easy and secure

  • Advanced video processing system for precise shape recognition
  • Fully automatic detection of lenses with drilling co-ordinates
  • No distortion of the shape due to mechanical pressure or force
  • Step by step detection so the user can easily confirm or correct the layout
  • Unique Drill Hole Recognition allows you to review and alter co-ordinates if necessary
  • Zoom Function offers the best accuracy in positioning of drill hole co-ordinates and diameters

Layout benefits you can count on

  • Magnified image of the lens and layout increases accuracy during centering
  • Clear, large LCD screen reduces operator fatigue
  • Automatic blocking guarantees a precise blocking pressure
  • Layout Modes for all types of lenses can be easily chosen or are presented automatically if working with an external OMA Host Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Easy access to the blocking and optical tracing area for right and left handed people
  • Ergonomic hand-rest for the layout phase is included in front of the layout zone
  • The blue-light illumination automatically adjusts to the tint of the lens and the external light level to increase the detection rate for the smallest details of your lenses

Administration of your Drill Holes

  • Manual control of hole positions and characteristics one-by-one or in groups
  • Holes or slots can be added, moved, disguarded or have the diameter changed
  • Blind holes can be added, drilling angle can be chosen
  • Up to 20 hole co-ordinates or 10 slots to fit every frame
  • Drilling co-ordinates can be easily transferred from one shape to another with respect to the new dimensions Changing the shape in seconds
  • Modifier function allows alteration of the shape dimension in width, height or just in the lower part of the frame (for multifocal lenses)
  • Drill holes are repositioned automatically in two ways horizontally and three ways vertically to enable the best position of the shape into the frame Shape and frame library
  • A huge memory of 2048 shapes with drill data or the frame memory of 512 jobs is included into the Cad 4
  • Just a tap on the screen and a comprehensive database with much information about the frame appears
  • Details like manufacturer, model name and customer name can be used as sort criteria
  • A 1:1 preview is available for every shape