Trace 3, precise and secure tracing.

Product Description

Dimensions: W 310 x D 385 x H 203 mm

Weight: 9 kg

Voltage: 230V – 50Hz


  • The frame is not distorted as tightening is automatic with
  • constant pressure
  • Perfect operator support through meaningful and clear help menus
  • on the current task
  • Tracing on both sides, right only or left only
  • In the case of one-sided tracing, you are prompted to input
  • the width of the bridge
  • 3D tracing and determination of the groove angle and bevel length
  • Tracing of demo lenses
  • Three tracing speeds quick, slow, very slow (only automatic)
  • Adjustable tracing speed for difficult frames


Key points

  • Ease of use and intuitive
  • Safety
  • Clear, graphic TFT colour display with wide viewing angle