Product Description (eMotion)



Data input is made easy, thanks to the high-resolution touch screen. All commands on the screen, display of both eyes at 1:1 scale, command flow systematically the same regardless of the edging process, and easy-to understand icons for almost immediate learning.


Input zone

  • Upgraded, patented Briot tracer
  • The multi-axis tracer precisely records the frame’s characteristics,its shape and its curvature
  • Protective cover against dust and any water sprays
  • Input of metal and plastic frames, patterns and demonstration lenses
  • Easy positioning of the frame
  • Manual clamping to prevent any distortion of ultra-thin frames
  • Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation [Smooth Scan] Frame thickness and groove position measuring in order to obtain a flawless fit of the lens into the frame
  • Short cycle: 1 minute for both eyes
  • Memory: 300 jobs and 200 patterns


Customisation and drilling zone

  • Built-in Digiform lens shape modification software
  • Easy to modify lens dimensions
  • (A- or B-size separately, proportional, etc.)
  • Drilling view screen
  • Add/delete and verify drilling holes (by position coordinates or by displacement on the screen)
  • Holes and notches, diameters from 1 to 6 mm
  • Up to 20 holes per lens


Centering / blocking zone

  • Parallax-free
  • Prism-free
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to manoeuvre with just one finger
  • Simplified blocking in 3 steps
  • Easy block insertion –error-proof slot and visualisation of block position


Edging zone

  • All types of materials (CR39, PC, Trivex, Hi-index, glass)
  • Small edging wheels, 90 mm in diameter, ideal for high-curve frames
  • Superpolish edger
  • Grooving and drilling module (fixed 10° angle) for perfect finishing
  • Front and rear safety bevel
  • Specific edging cycle for superhydrophobic topcoatings: No risk of axis slippage during any of the finishing phases
  • Bevel and rimless polishing


Key points

eMOTION 1 : Can be used as an OMA remote tracer..

eMOTION 2 :Custom jobs and personalised service for your customers.

eMOTION 3 :Ergonomics of the blocking system with pivot arm for easy block insertion, smooth movement with return at end of blocking for ease of manipulation.

eMOTION 4 :The edging zone comes with an array of blinking LED lights to alert you when the edging cycle is over


Product Description (eMotion M)

Dimensions: L 728x P 600x H 442mm

Weight: 75kg

Voltage: 230 V – 50Hz / 115 V – 60Hz



  • Automatic 3D-Tracing
  • One side / Both sides / Demo Lenses / Patterns
  • Smooth manual frame clamping



  • Job-Memory: 300 Jobs (incl. Centring and Edging Parameters)
  • Shape-Memory: 200 Shapes
  • Shape Modification: .A / B / ½B / Circumference / Radius / Shape-Axis



  • Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive
  • Manual Centering: Parallax-Free Digital Blocking


Edging and finishing

  • Processing of Mineral, CR39, High Index, Polycarbonate and Trivex ®
  • Both sided measuring of the lens with one measurement feeler 3D Processing
  • V-Bevel with different programs
  • Polishing of Flat and V-Bevel