Inspired by industrial design, this edger unequivocally evokes the robustness of the German brand. The tiltable screen allows comfortable access to all machine functions by respecting the individual working position of the operator.Besides a wide range of options, this edger offers flexibility with each processing step thereby combining speed and quality at its best.

Product Description

The large and tiltable touch screen combines simplicity with modern ergonomics. For any given job both the left and the right eye are displayed simultaneous. Furthermore the parameters for the second lens can be adjusted whilst the first lens is being processed. .

The E.6 S.line as a variety of fine-tuning options that impose no limits.

The individual processing of the bevel is one of the E.6 S.line ‘s many key features : the height of the bevel can be adjusted to match the thin frame groove thereby achieving perfect fit.

Four edging programs are available: standard, security, anti-slippage and ultra-security mode. In these settings, all parameters can be combined and adapted accordingly. So you can be sure that both very slippery and very thin lenses are treated securely by this edger.

To organize the workflow better, a tray was incorporated into the design, where Blocks and lenses can be placed, and in addition,the E.6 S.line includes an integrated barcode reader that is able to scan job trays directly.

True to Weco’s modularity principle, the new E.6 S.line is compatible with Weco’s wide choice of centering and tracing devices.

Key points

  • Interface: Clear and Ergonomic
  • Finishing: Versatile and Modern
  • Bevels: Individual and Flexible
  • Edging: Safe and Precise
  • Design: Practical and Functional