comobabyComoframe eyeglasses come as a result of a groundbreaking development and research work, carried on by a team of specialized pediatric oculists, orthoptists and optometrists.

Thanks to all of this, a custom made product is now available for everyone. Nowadays is really easy to detect and correct sight defects in the pediatric world, that is why now more than ever, using custom made products is crucial. Products that are suitable from the early stages of life, all the way to adolescence and safe for an active life and sports activities.

Products that fulfill all of the corrective needs of the child since the very first months of his life, respecting their vitality and playfulness.

Comoframe eyeglasses are extremely light, safe and sturdy: they bend easily and they go back to their original shape in the same easy way. The flexible screw-in hinges or flex, can easily withstand all of the stress and movement: either the one applied on the joint axis, or the one applied on the orthogonal level of the latter. The new production technics and the new materials make it possible to keep up with the large demand of the frames. Thanks to the high expertise, attention to the product and high leveled specialized production, our glasses are always functional and top notch quality.

The vast range of frames offered, sticks out with its merging of high tech contents applied to the product and the material, the ample choice of colors and calibration. All of this represents the most unique and complete offer available on the market. Great attention is given to details: ergonomic temples, central anatomical bridges to help keep the frontal true.

The wide shapes and the appropriate placement on the nasal septum make it possible to obtain the widest visual field possible. The frames are always perfectly centered and also very efficient in their corrective purpose. Reliable and safe, light and comfortable, Comoframe eyeglasses distinguish themselves also for their elegant design, and the wide range of colors that make them desirable and wanted by kids and parents.

Our mission is to help kids get rid of all of the obstacles that limit their movements and independence; obstacles that can affect their psychological growth. At the same time we are also trying to erase the fear and reluctancy for eyeglasses, giving them useful instruments that are safe and trendy.


Code: J 01/02/03/05/06/14

Size: 45-19

Color: junior


Code: NB 01/02/03/04

Size: 33-15

Color: newborn


Code: B 01/02/03/05/06

Size: 36/14

Color: baby


Code:  BE 01/02/03/04

Size: 38-15

Color: newborn


Code: B2 01/02/03/05/06

Size: 41-16

Color: baby


Code:  S 01/08/16/17

Size: 46-18  48-19  50-20

Color: sport

How to handle comoframe?

Use POSITIVE lenses, we suggest to use lenses with a small diameter (Ø 50-55mm) and a flat base curve.

It is crucial to mount the lenses with a “knife-shaped” bevel in order for them to perfectly adapt to the shape of the frame.

Properly placed, the rubber band makes the glasses fit perfectly for any corrective treatment. Please bear in mind that the child will refuse to wear the glasses if the rubber band is put on too tight, and that the lenses will not be in their ideal position if the rubber band is put on too lose.

Heat the frame with hot air.

Shape the frame while soft with your hands to reach the desired shape.

After inserting the lenses, complete the modeling procedure correcting the temple’s angle.

Adjust the side opening