Cocoons is the world’s leading brand of optical grade fitover sunglasses.

As a pioneer of the fitover sunglass category, Cocoons innovative features and superior components set the standard in comfort, performance and quality.

Cocoons polarized fitover sunglasses are designed to securely and comfortably fit over a wide range of prescription eyewear frame sizes and shapes. The patented frames are constructed from extremely durable ballistic nylon and feature the Polaré lens system that exceeds the highest levels in lens quality for optical clarity and performance.

All styles feature adjustable Flex2Fit® temples that enable each wearer to custom contour the temple shape for an exact fit that is extremely comfortable and secure.

Polaré® Polarized Lenses
Cocoons sunglasses are available in a range of polarized lens tints; gray, amber, copper, blue mirror or yellow. Polarization is similar to a chemical venetian blind, rearranging light and allowing you to see “through” harsh glare and reflection. 100% polarized lenses are the only truly effective way of eliminating glare.

Frame Options
Cocoons are available in six different sizes, from small to extra large, with a choice of black, tortoiseshell, sand, slate, ivy and burgundy frame color. All styles are constructed from ballistic nylon and feature a supple soft touch finish for the ultimate combination of durability and comfort.

Flex2Fit® Temples
Cocoons adjustable Flex2Fit temples are designed for quick and easy manual adjustment of the shape and curvature of the ear pieces. This unique feature allows each wearer to achieve an exact fit that is secure and comfortable during extended wear.

Included Accessories
Each pair includes a protective neoprene case, lens cloth and a limited lifetime warranty.

360° of UV Protection®
It is important that a sunglass provides protection from all angles, not just the front. Standard sunglasses can allow up to 40% more unfiltered light to reach the eyes because they do not provide protection from the top, bottom and sides. Cocoons patented frame designs block damaging UV light and glare from all angles (top, bottom and sides), completely isolating the eyes in a cocoon of filtered light.

Authentic OveRx
Cocoons are authentic OveRx sunglasses that feature patented designs and components that are covered by a lifetime warranty. Genuine Cocoons sunglasses feature the OveRx medallion.

FDA Approved Medical Device
Cocoons OveRx sunglasses are designed to fit over prescription eyewear and meet the strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration for medical devices. The complete UV protection afforded by the patented frame designs and optical grade lenses are second to none. View the FDA Certification.

All Live Eyewear sunglasses feature Polaré polarized lenses. When wearing polarized lenses, eyestrain is reduced, allowing your eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. The elimination of glare provides a tranquil “cocoon” for your eyes, improving visual acuity and enhancing depth perception. Polaré lenses are optically correct, meaning that there is no visible distortion. It is extremely important when wearing sunglass lenses over prescription eyewear that the lenses are distortion free.

Cocoons sunwear features the proprietary Polaré lens system to deliver optical grade visual acuity and durability, unmatched by any other OveRx sunwear. Polaré lenses are scratch resistant and deliver 100% UV A and B protection.

Light reflected from horizontal surfaces produces harsh glare that can greatly distort and hinder visual acuity. Polarized lenses act as a chemical “venetian blind” that eliminates blinding glare by rearranging the reflected light before it reaches the eyes. The Polaré lens system delivers maximum polarization efficiency to enhance visual performance while allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused.

This is a neutral tint that delivers natural color definition and contrast. Ideal for every day use in bright light conditions where enhanced contrast is not required. (15% LT)

A general purpose tint that heightens depth perception and object definition by effectively filtering scattered blue light to improve contrast. Ideal for skiing, fishing and all flat light conditions. (16% LT)

Amber is effective at absorbing most blue light waves which sharpens visual acuity, improving depth perception and contrast in variable light conditions. Amber is popular for fishing, driving, and general use. (14% LT)

A long time standard in ski and shooting sports, yellow provides excellent depth perception and dramatic contrast in low light. Improves contrast and gives a sensation of heightened visualacuity in low light conditions. (27% LT)

Polaré® polarized gray is also available with a blue mirror coat designed to improve the glare cutting properties of the gray lens and increase contrast by absorbing additional levels of blue light. (15% LT)

Polaré® polarized amber is also available with a green mirror coat designed to improve the contrast enhancing, glare cutting properties of the amber lens. (15% LT)

Cocoons are the world’s only OveRx sunwear that utilize the proprietary Polaré lens system. The optically correct, scratch resistant lens material delivers optical properties that exceed the Class 1 European Standard, providing you with the highest grade optics available in eyewear. Polaré lenses exceed ANSI Z80.1 safety standards, the Australian sunglass standards and all FDA impact resistance standards.

The Polaré lens is recognized by eyecare professionals and eyewear specialists around the world as the leader in OveRx sunwear lens technology.