Cad 4 the new standard for decentration,. This new semi automatic centring and blocking system offers you, advantages like speed and ease of use that Cad III customers have appreciated through the years, plus new features made available by the use of new technology.

Product Description

Dimensions: W330 x D304 x H575mm

Weight: 15 Kg

Voltage: 115V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz

  • Advanced video processing system for precise shape recognition (Optical Trace)
  • Modifier function allows alteration of the shape dimension in width, height or just in the lower part of the frame (for multifocal lenses)
  • A huge memory of 2048 shapes with drill data or the frame memory of 512 jobs
  • Magnified image of the lens and layout increases accuracy during centring

Key points

  • No distortion of the shape due to mechanical pressure or force
  • Easy access to the blocking and optical tracing area for right and left handed people
  • The blue-light illumination automatically adjusts to the tint of the lens and the external light level to increase the detection rate for the smallest details of your lenses.