The art of blocking.

Product Description

Dimensions: W 320 x D 450 x H 660 mm

Weight: 38,8 kg

Voltage: 115V – 50 Hz / 230 V – 60Hz

  • When processing a single vision lens WECO C.5 performs an optical analysis to detect the optical centre as well as the cylinder with its corresponding axis position.
  • With bifocal lenses, the lens image analysis is performed by determining the near vision segment,
  • Progressive lenses are processed by identification of the markings,
  • Optical Trace functionality offers the possibility of measuring the shape of a pattern or cut lens without a Tracer,
  • The Optical Trace function no longer employs a mechanical stylus but instead uses digital camera to obtain measurements and prepare for processing,
  • Rimless frames require only one step to detect the shape and the drill hole positions ensuring the best aesthetic results,
  • NEW Sd (Smart Design) Technology was developed. In this shape detection based on Bezier curves early every shape can be detected, defined and transferred to the edger. Even if mechanical limitations in the finishing process ccur, this function offers a completely new set of possibilities.,
  • Drill Hole Management and Shape Modification : With the WECO C.5 drill-hole coordinates are easily determined automatically using the Optical Trace function.
  • As soon as the function is activated drill-holes are located and displayed on the screen.
  • Additional holes and slots can be added or removed or even varied in dimension.
  • Even the drilling angle can be determined for each hole or slot to ensure a perfect glazing.
  • With ease, the drill hole plan can be copied from one shape to another using the database offered by the device
  • The WECO C.5 offers a robust job and pattern database. This allows you to save up to 300 recent jobs and store up to 2,048 patterns.


Key points

  •  Automatic Centering and Blocking
  •  Optical Tracing
  •  Sd Technology permitting new functionnalities
  •  Drill Hole Management and Shape Modification
  •  Large Database for Jobs and Shapes