All-In-One Edging Systems

The Briot Accura line of all-in-one edgers combines all finishing steps into one machine that’s incredibly fast, accurate and easy to use. Accura’s small footprint makes it the most space efficient finishing system available. Best of all, it’s built for years of reliable performance.


Accura cuts edging time by completing all finishing steps automatically in one compact machine. It combines an integrated frame tracer, a blocker and an edger in one unit that replaces separate machines for each function. This all-in-one design speeds up processing and reduces lens handling and spoilage for increased productivity.


Accura can process today’s popular lens materials and frame styles with outstand-ing precision. It features automatic settings to edge TrivexTM, polycarbonate, and even the most slippery lenses accurately. The frame tracer measures size, shape and curvature (and eyewire thickness with Cx and Silver Plus) to deliver precise fit, even with small frames.


Accura’s step-saving tech-nology is easy to use, even for inexperienced operators. Simple icons on the LCD control screen guide the operator easily through the unit’s three separate, conse-cutive operating modes – tracing, blocking and edging. Automatic safety beveling and grooving (on Cx and Silver Plus) can handle even small shapes. Accura’s automatic polish cycle ensures a high luster finish.

Accura Cx

At the top of the Accura line, Cx is theperfect choice for both large and smalloffices looking for a full-featured,versatile all-in-one finishing system.Its multifunctional design offers the latestautomatic processing features to handlepremium lenses and popular eyewearstyles with outstanding precision.

Accura Silver Plus

The Accura Silver Plus is equipped witha wide range of labor-saving featuresincluding automatic safety beveling andgrooving, hyper-polish and 4-D frametracing for accurate frame fit. Pre-set andmanual bevel options provide amazingversatility in a mid-range machine.

Accura Silver

The Accura Silver combines simplicityand accuracy with an economical price.It offers all core finishing functions -tracing, blocking and edging – with fewer automatic add-on features. The AccuraSilver provides accurate performancewith consistent reliability.



Silver Plus






Frame, pattern and demo lens tracing




Automatic frame clamping







Parallax free blocking on LCD screen

Motorized blocking arm







All lens materials capability

Multiple pre-set and manual bevel options

Slippery lens setting

Expanded memory board

Polishing, Safety Bevel and Grooving




Motorized safety bevel and grooving module


Automatic polishing

Automatic safety bevel


Adjustable front and back safety bevel option


Automatic grooving


Single and double width grooving