Briot Attitude, grinding system and premium milling, embarking for the first time on the market finishing a Shack Hartmann sensor, uses the benefits of technology to Visionix wavefront.

Product Description


the new tracer Attitude is fitted with a unique swivel probe for entering shapely sports frames.


Gravitech® method patented optical tracking, the principle is to guide the glass on its convex side to use its point of gravity and allow the centering Attitude photocopy your demo lenses for perfect reproduction of your glasses.

Briot Attitude highlights all of the group’s technology: new acquisition mode, seizure and analysis with the aim of customizing and editing the satisfaction of the holders.

Briot Attitude is equipped PowerMap®, technology wave front with Shack Hartmann sensor to see the invisible: micro engravings Visualization (Defects &!), Glass the power check in every way, intelligent change shapes with display actual map in the background glass.

A real plotter dedicated to frames with curved pivoting and articulated probe, specific finishes for curved metal and plastic frames.

Photocopy of demo lenses New! Gravitech® for catching original shapes and complex.