Alta XLd centering unit in association with ALTA Zd edger. You will obtain significant optimisation of your working time and unfailing flexibility for all jobs inclusiv the most extreme ones

Product Description

Dimensions: L 320 x P 600 x H 685 mm

Weight: 36 kg

Voltage: 100 V – 50 Hz / 240 V – 60 Hz


Shape recognition

  • Frame tracing, demo lenses, patterns and edged lenses.
  • Recognition of the 4 frame dimensions including the frame groove position, giving better fit of the lens in the frame circle.
  • Tracing right eye and / or left eye: transfer of one side only or both eyes.
  • Measurement of the frame PD and bridge.
  • Shape displayed on screen (scale 1, 2).
  • Maximum measurable diameter 80 mm (3.15 in).
  • PROS optical recognition system by image treatment – significant reduction of tracing time.
  • Digiform software package. 
  • Library of shapes including 384 jobs & 2048 shapes (patterns, drilled shapes etc…), with multiple search functions.
  • Automatic data transfer from the blocker to the edger.
  • Shapemaker: create new shapes from existing ones.


Centering blocking

  • Capture of decentering patient ½ PD and PD, Δ x – Δ y, boxing height or pupil height.
  • Decentering: 0.05 mm step.
  • Centering cross adjusts to the type of lens: single vision, progressive, bifocal.
  • Controlled blocking pressure.
  • Magnetic adhesive blocks.


Drilling data

  • PROS image treatment, exclusive to Briot: Automatic hole recognition.
  • Function for direct modification and displacement of holes using the touch screen.
  • Drilling depending on an angle chosen by the operator.



  • PBriot Link™ remote servicing module ready.
  • OMA connection.


Additional Functions

  • Sd (Smart Design) Technology: For detection of complex shapes (in combination with Alta Zd)


Alta range distinctions

  • Pont d’Or 2012.
  • Guaranteed French Origin.


Key points

  • Getting started is very simple
  • Automatic tracing in 3D and frame thickness
  • Automatic centering without lens meter
  • Automatic recognition of lens types
  • Automatic recognition of drilling coordinates
  • Automatic positionining of lens before blocking
  • Integrated Digiform software for shape modification
  • Briot Link TM is especially useful in anticipating and managing servicing visits effectively.