Alta Pulse not only offers many functionalities to meet today’s needs, but is also the result of continuous improvements, creating the most stable and durable device with consistently high edging quality.

Product Description

Dimensions: W 510x D 615x H 570mm

Weight: 69kg

Voltage: 230 V – 50Hz / 115 V – 60Hz


  • Mineral version: Four 90 mm (3.5 in) wheels: all plastics wheel, mineral wheel, bevel and rimless
  • + TBS finishing wheel , rimless polishing wheel.
  • Plastic version: Three 90 mm (3.5 in) wheels: plastics roughing wheel all plastics (CR 39, polycarbonate,
  • high index), bevel and rimless finishing + TBS wheel, bevel and rimless polishing wheel.
  • Integrated drilling function: Countersunk holes, notches, blind or open oblong holes.
  • Drilling angle tilts depending on the program from 0° to 30°.
  • Visual preview of lens on request, before starting roughing cycle.
  • Tracing prior to roughing with accuracy of 50 μ.
  •  Feeling front and rear curvature and lens thickness.
  •  Four different bevels: Normal, Mini-Bevel, Tilted Bevel, Mini-Tilted Bevel.
  •  Six different programs: Front face, percentage (default setting), ½-½, rear face, controlled bevel (manual), automatic bevel.
  •  Edging pressure controlled according to the materials selected, the treatment required, and their fragility.
  •  Minimum edging diameters: Rimless finish 17 mm, grooved finish 18.2 mm, bevel finish 18.6 mm, safety bevel
  • finish 21 mm.
  • Grooving: Front and rear face with adjustable depth and width. Grooving angle adjusted automatically according to the curve and the height of the lens.
  • Customized safety bevel (front face, rear face).


Key points

  • The Alta Edger won the Ponts d’Or award for Edger of the Year
  •  Alta Pulse is the culmination of six years of development and improvement that make it a reference on the market
  •  Reliability : Proven technology
  •  Stability : Reassuring accuracy
  •  Flexibility : The multi-functional edger