The Alta NX can undertake any job, even the most difficult : grooved or drilled lenses, or with a high curvature…

Product Description

Dimensions: W 22.4″ x D 24.2″ x H 22.4″

Weight: 152 lbs

Voltage:  115 V – 50 Hz / 230 V – 60 Hz


  • Top class refinement: original design, innovative ergonomics
  • Ideal interface, ultra-legible icons
  • Totally personalised for your needs and completely adapted to the way you will use it.
  • Grooving with adjustable depth and width.
  • Tracing prior to roughing with accuracy of 50 µ.
  • The ultimate finishing quality
  • Finitions prestigieuses
  • 4 entirely automatic bevels
  • Surgical accuracy of the safety bevel
  • High definition from 0° to 30°
  • Synchronization Grooving according to the curvature and the thickness of the lens.
  • Diamond Polish with perfect transparency and sparkle


Key points

  • Getting started is very simple
  • Compact
  • The ultimate finishing quality
  • Gives your work real added-value
  • Enables you to undertake the most complex tasks very easily
  • Manual intervention option, even in automatic mode
  • Briot Link TM is especially useful in anticipating and managing servicing visits effectively