Simplicity, Accuracy & Flexibility

The Briot Accura CX is a comprehensively equipped edging system designed for the discerning laboratory. Remarkably compact, the Accura CX boasts a host of standard features that have been purpose-designed for simple and accurate operation.

Accura devices are engineered from high precision mechanical assemblies together with the latest in digital electronic systems. Attention to detail and craftmanship ensure that the value of your investment is protected.

This all-in-one edging solution has a small footprint to fit within the tightest spaces, to maximise the available working space. The integrated frame scanner and blocker centralise the working steps to produce finished lenses of the highest quality.

Flexibility is a key word when describing the Accura CX and the standard machines process a wide range of lens types including: glass, CR39 & polycarbonate, with TrivexTM processing as an option. A “super polish” is also provided.

Operation of the Accura CX is made using logical icon sequences on the integrated colour LCD monitor, which is also used to centre and block lenses.

The new Scanform generation of frame tracer traces the shape of the frame in 5 dimensions to provide the ultimate accuracy and the most aesthetically pleasing results. A second stylus measures the angle of the groove to significantly improve the accuracy of the finished result. If the stylus accidentally slips from the frame during the scanning process it is automatically re-inserted.

The Accura CX produces very little noise during operation, allowing its operation even within a busy retail environment.